Tuesday, 28 July 2015

thiruttu muzhi chokkalingam !!

Before some months, I went on a trip to a biosphere park. I saw many dog breeds . I always liked dogs, though my mother never allowed me to have one. I asked my mom for a dog for eight years, but my mom was firm about it as before.  Then one day, my mother asked me ‘do you really want to have a dog?’  I said yes.’ I will get a dog for you’ was the reply. So we immediately rushed to the dog shop. There we met a dog dealer. I always wanted a pug as a dog, so I asked the shopkeeper ‘do you have a pug?’ the reply was ‘ No, but I know a person who wanted to sell a pug who was 35 days old.’ I immediately asked the dealer to call that person.
The dealer had called that  person . He was ready to sell the dog, but it was 6:30 pm [ In Hindu customs, a creature should never be taken away from its parents after 6:00 pm.] So, he did not agree to sell the dog. My mom told ‘ if I won’t get the dog today, I will never get a dog!! So he had no choice but to sell the dog now. So the dog was coming to the pet store now, but it was a long distance from his home to the store. But he finally came, with his tail curled,  with a smile on his face. He was very happy to see me and I was too. It was love at first sight!
chokka ! (pluto)

He dint know that he got separated from his parents, but he was happy. So, we took him home. For the first three days, he was sitting under the writing board just looking at everything at our home. I liked the name Cadbury but my dad suggested the name ‘Chokkalingam’ because he was naughty dog. He was scared to climb stairs, scared to get inside his home, etc., etc. But I adjusted for him and he adjusted for me. That is what true love is.

Days passed by its been eight months since he is home. Now he is a mischievous naughty brat . He is my partner in crime and my sweet little brother. We all love him. He is a part of the anand parivar and I hope he stays in our lives forever.
my partner in crime !!!


  1. Excellent note Aayush! Please check the note for spelling and grammatical errors and correct them!

    1. what grammatical errors?? please inbox me.

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